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I was born in Jerusalem, when it was still small and quaint, full of atmsophere and almost car-less. My love it still there, between the pine trees and the stones, but with time it expanded. Planet Earth is real Home. Not a cliché, a truth. Nature has no borders, and there is so much around to love and identify with. 

I traveled quite extensively in Central, South and North America, as well as Europe, and recently – India. I hope to put more of my travel experiences here on the blog.

Here, in Israel, I was lucky to spend a portion of my time in the deserts of the Southern Arava – walking the wadis, diving the Red Sea coral reefs, doing research in green energy.

In the early eighties I lived in San Francisco for a while, The exposure to the rich alternative culture, still vibrant then, transformed my life. I spent about 12 years in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I raised my family. Though now back in Israel, a piece of my heart still lingers there, between the mountains and the ever-changing southwestern skies.

My main professional field is biology, with a specialization in aquatic life. I have a master’s degree in oceanography/marine biology from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and authored and co-authored several scientific publications. My research interests included: symbiosis in jellyfish, thermal tolerance and biotechnology of algae and cyanobacteria, and a pioneering study of the unique microscopic life of the Dead Sea sinkholes.The world under the surface of the sea or in a drop of pond water never fails to fascinate me.

Apart from my main career, over the years I did a little bit of everything, from cleaning houses to picking apples, from teaching language to translation, from bodywork to yoga instruction and tour guiding. I enjoy photography, dancing, walking, piano playing, singing and creative writing. Not a day goes by that I do not spend some time outdoors, even strolling the city streets. Cities can be fascinating, but I am drawn to water, mountains, space.

Above and beyond all that, it is mothering my two daughters that I consider my top accomplishment this life around.

The way I see it, the Greeks had it down when they ascribed the problems of the world to human hubris, the original sin. Whether it’s our religions, politics or science, the idea of superiority – people over Nature and people over people – is out to destroy the planet and human civilization. Let’s hope the living Earth will survive our mischief and that the meek will indeed inherit the Earth. The bacteria, for sure, will. 

This blog is an attempt at expressing how I see the world from various angles. I hope it does some good.

On the whale observation balcony of the Old Loft Restaurant, Woody Point, Newfoundland.

The full diary of my empowering sola camping trip in northeast U.S and Canada is at the heart of this blog.

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