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Berry Head Pond, Gros Morne

Berry Head Pond

Photographers Heaven

It was early evening. The day still had a potential. Woody Point in the morning, Lobster Cove + concert in the afternoon, and now I tried to shove in another short easy stroll – Berry Head Pond trail sounded ideal.

When I arrived at the trailhead I was sola there, but then a couple came. I told them I was happy they were there for my safety, as I easily get lost.

I walked on happily and they were a bit behind. Unexpectedly, a bit ahead, the path was blocked with fallen trees. It seems like the only way out was walking towards the highway. It was late and I did not want complications, so I turned back, and here they were again. R., the husband, explained that the path was blocked deliberately. The only way to go in that case was heading towards the paved road. And, indeed, several minutes later, the path continued, circumnavigating the pond. This is the kind of things travelbooks don’t tell you!

Berry Head Pond, Gros Morne, NL

I formed a good connection with D. thanks to our identical cameras (Cannon SX50 HS). It’s always a joy to meet somebody with the same shoes or shirt, but with a camera it makes the meeting professional.

We started sharing notes, and discovered each of us was unfamiliar with features the other used all the time… I felt lucky I bought mine in Israel, as it came with a full 250-page manual in Hebrew. The book is compact and fits right into the camera case pocket. She never got a book with hers and was told to download it from the Internet. Of course, she never did…

D. showed me the advantages of slanting the screen to take pictures from above a crowd. I showed her how to have the instrument shoot three pictures at different exposures. I find this to be the most useful feature of the camera. This way I make sure I got the best exposure. It is rare that none of the three shots works.

Talking about photography got me inspired to use the black and white feature, too. Here are some of the results:

Berry Head Pond in black and white, Gros Morne, NL

Last glimmers of the sun, Berry Head Pond, NL, B&W

The lake in gold with sunset, Berry Head Pond, NL

Clouds reflection in Berry Head Pond, Gros Morne, NL

Canada - The Ideal Place to Live

The couple, now living in Alberta, have already traveled in New Zealand and Nepal. They are planning on Australia, Tasmania and perhaps Spain. Europe is OK, but not so much now with “everything that is happening”. They said Canada is the ideal place to live and we had a long conversation about gun laws in the U.S. and Canada.

We had something else in common. We both went into retirement this year. She had lost her job in an oil company, following a series of disasters I know I should have known about. It was all over the news at the time, but I couldn’t recollect. She said that first there were issues with cheaper competition, then there was an explosion when two people were killed and the plant was closed, and finally there was the big fire. Five hundred people were laid off in two waves, and her turn was at the end, but she was happy. She got a good deal on her pension and would not go back to work for anything. Her husband, R. provides support I don’t have at the moment.

The next day I drove all the way around the bay to Woody Point and then to the Table Lands. That was worth every second. 

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