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Between “Rivers” on the Israel Trail, Sharon

In Between "Rivers" on the Israel Trail Sharon

Egrets on Alexander River estuary, Israel Trail Sharon

Almagor Hiking Group on the Israel Trail Sharon

In Way of an Apology

Apologies first. Can’t carry my good camera on rigorous hikes like these while being forced to run at the speed dictated by former IDF commanders who lead our group, sometimes through rough terrain. This hike for instance, we got “lost” for a while in the Hadera Forest with nasty thorny shrubbery up to our waists. I prefer not to have my camera go through such ordeals, plus it is heavy. My cellphone does not read light as well as it used to and needs to be upgraded, and for obvious technical reasons, I cannot post my photos at full resolution. That would do them a bit more justice, but then they will never load, so quality is even further compromised.

Still, the leading idea here is to give an idea what the country is like, not to compete on Flickr’s professional artistic photography contests.

My basic motive is to correct the impression that Israel is all about the Golden Dome and the Wailing Wall …

      Image  Image result for Wailing Wall jerusalem

To enjoy the gallery in a lightbox view with explanations, click on the pictures! 

Israel Trail Sharon - the Second Leg

This was the second leg of our Israel Trail Sharon hike, this time “in between rivers”. Nothing in Israel qualifies as a proper river, not even the Jordan, hence the brackets. You can read my post and see my gallery of our first leg of the Israel Trail Sharon section here, and can read about the Israel Trail generally here.

We started near Beit Yanai at the auspicious Alexander River Estuary, then walked through sand dunes, a planted eucalyptus forest and a surreal industrial park. We ended up at the estuary of the Hadera River, where one of Israel’s major power stations (and now also a desalination plant) is located. At the Alexander we saw the famous large turtles, but I could not do them photographic justice, either…😥. You can read about them here and see their pictures.

One of the fascinating discoveries (you always discover something unexpected when you walk) was the squatters colony on the Hadera beach by the power plant… Another facet of Israel, for sure.

The total hike distance was 17 km. The lady photogrphed in the last picture did most of the hike with the baby in the back carrier.


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