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Israel in Pictures


This section of my website is an attempt to do homage to the beauty, variety and creativity of the homeland. Since most of the site is dedicated to travels abroad, this collection of photo galleries is striving for a “balance”. My love for the desert will also soon be “balanced” with more pictures from the greener North. 

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Israel in pictures. Selected galleries of nature and city photos trying to convey the unique beauty, variety and creativity of the Land.

Rainy Desert

Photo gallery. Desert rains in the extreme climate of the Southern Arava (2013-4) created magical landscapes composed of water, mud and vegetation. Some old acacia trees submerged mangrove-like. Old lakes and reservoirs filled up. Dormant seeds came to life.

Trees with snowy mountains

Snowy Edom Mountains

Photo gallery. Edom Mountains snow. It actually snowed on the Jordanian Edom Mountains in Jordan the year of 2013, resulting in amazing views of snowy peaks in sheer desert, as viewed from the Israeli Arava Valley.

Grasses and flowers blooming in the Arava extreme desert

Desert Blooms

Photo gallery. 2013 was a rainy year for the otherwise water-thirsty Arava Valley, Israel. Seeds that laid dormant for years, some from northern regions, sprouted and bloomed, creating spectacular colorful niches in the otherwise parched land.

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