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Small is Beautiful

Israel in Pictures


This section of my website is an attempt to do homage to the beauty, variety and creativity of the homeland. Since most of the site is dedicated to travels abroad, this collection of photo galleries is striving for a “balance”. My love for the desert will also soon be “balanced” with more pictures from the greener North. 

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Bitronot (crevasses) painting in a landscape

Bitronot Ruhama Reserve, Northern Negev Tranquility

Bitronot Ruhama is a unique nature reserve in Israel’s Negev, featuring spring wildflowers, desert trees, rolling hills among deep crevasses. It is located by Kibbutz Ruhama with its own interesting history and tourist attractions.

Between “Rivers” on the Israel Trail, Sharon

Israel Trail Sharon section between The Alexander and the Hadera “Rivers”. Dunes, eucalyptus forests, squatters colony, sculpture garden & industrial park. Another instance of the incredible variety of the little country in a 17-km stretch.

Sunrays in mist. Eilat's rainforest. Israel

Rainforest in Extreme Desert

On an abandoned army outpost in extreme desert, three friends created a one-of-a-kind rainforest and oraganic botanical garden with 1000 differnet plants and trees that grow on desalinized water disseminated in pulses of mist. Soil is fertilized by compost alone.

Neot Kedumim – As Biblical as it Gets

Neot Kedumim is a reconstructed educational Biblical park in Central Israel. Photos were taken on a nice early spring day, with rich anemone blooms. Park features ancient agricultural devices and practices, ponds, waterwheel.

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