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The Anti-Netnayhu Protests, Israel Rising

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The video below might take a while to load, but it is worth your patience.

Credit: Yonatan Mayer

Filmed on the protest march to mark 25 years to prime minister’s Rabin murder, Jerusalem.

This page is dedicated to the current uprising against Israel’s current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi).

It is included in the blog category of  “Israel’s Best” because the best of Israel, old and young, is now marching and gathering on the streets, junctions, fields and bridges around the country, north to south, cities to villages, from Med sea to Red sea, to save our country from the dangers of corruption, compromised media, politicized police and an impending dictatorship under the guise of the coronavirus.

Before the Covid crisis I admit that, like many, I failed to see the extent of the corruption, governmental overreach and the rule through hate-mogering, incitement, divisiveness and nepotism that are now endangering our beautiful democracy and undermining everything good and sound this country has stood for and embodied.

But my eyes have now opened and this section of the website is dedicated to documenting the protest movement as it unfolds. At the time of writing, I have been in person to more than 10 demonstrations, large, small and huge, and have watched on social media what was happening in other parts of the country. The mainstream media in Israel and abroad have by and large ignored this massive movement. 

This is my small contribution to do it justice and correct this gap in public knowledge.

With my sign and flag by the Knesset

Neve Ilan Protesting Media; Knesset Emergency Call

Neve Ilan protest was a rally against compromised, biased media. Then we were rushed to an emergency Knesset rally where our democracy had just died. The Knesset chairman overruled a majority decision to establish an independent investigation committee into the submarine affair, Bibi’s Case 3000.

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Trojan Horse lit and ready

Trojan Horse at Balfour & Subs at Democracy Square

Trojan horse and submarine dummies were exhibited in Democracy Square for the Balfour Demonstration following the Big Submarine March. The Revolution at its creative best. and an update: a beautiful statue of Israel Hero, the protester was erected in the square and confiscated by police in the wee hours of the night.

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Or-Ly Barlev with megaphone

Or-Ly Barlev and the Alternative Media – Israel in Protests

Appendix to Big Submarine Protest post. Or-Ly Barlev and other alternative media outlets fill a reporting gap in the Israeli media scene, especially regarding the anti-Bibi protests. Here, as in other marches and demonstrations, she reports and records the proceedings, police misbehavior and gives voice to the protesters.

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