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On my hammock in Moran with Beit Kerem olive groves in background

This section about the Galilee and Northern Israel reflects the fact that I moved over here a short while ago and am in love with the landscape, the people, the variety, the cuisine, and everything else. It is a unique product of a very special and long history, as well as interesting geology, topography, wild life and flora. It has an amalgam of various communities, all the way from experimental spiritual or ideological villages, to kibbutzim, moshavim, and all the way to traditional or modern Druse, Christian, Muslim villages and towns. Even the unique group of Circassians has settlements here. There is a huge amount of archeology, from prehistory to Biblical and up, and holy sites for all religions and creeds.

Sun rays over Kinneret on an autumn day

Eretz Gshur Olive Press, Visitor Center

A high-tech olive press in Kibbutz Gshur, Golan Heights was visited. High quality olives, of various strains, uniquely grown, are used to create superb high-end oils and other products. Highly recommended visitor center and shop.

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Olive picking from the tall branches, Sharona.

Olive picking – My First Masik

Wartime volunteering opportunities offered me my first opportunity at olive picking, or Masik, An uplifting experience, physically, mentally and socially. I discovered that a Jewish masik can be just as joyful as the Arab ones. We picked Manzanillo, an edible strain using rakes.

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