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Diet and Environment

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Drip irrigation in Kibbut Grofit's fields

Will the World Become Vegetarian “By Force”?

Diet and environment are tightly linked. Vegetarian environmentalism had been around for at least 50 years, but takes a while to take root. Cutting down on meat consumption can prevent deforestation and ecological disasters that affect us all, from Ecuador to the British Isles.

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Irreversible Ecological Damage? Lessons from The North

Irreversisble ecological damage in the northern isles? How do the British and Scottish islands, Iceland and Ireland stand? Defining reversible. Sheep obsession, “sheepwrecked” treeless landscapes, green wastelands, soil degradation. Findhorn eco-agriculture as a possible model for redemption?

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Truck carrying wind turbine blade across Australia

Is Australia Sustainable? Ecological Lessons from Down Under

Is Australia sustainable? 250 years of bad agricultural practices informed by colonial thinking brought country to the verge of collapse. Land degradation, species extinctions, salinization. Aboriginal influence and genocide is discussed, as well as new schools of thought and action striving to correct and heal.

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