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Digging for clams, Lobster Buoy Beach, ME

Maine – The Home Away from Home

Flying throught Istanbul and over Greenland galciers and icebergs, to find a warm home by a beautiful quaint Maine pond. Getting intimately acquainted with the magic of loons. starting my camping trip up the Atlantic Coast and learning about the American campground environment.

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red house decorated with maple leaves, Campobello, NB

New Brunswick – The Oscillating Sea

In New Brunswick I received a warm welcome to a cold country, witnessed and documented incredible tides, experienced some Atlantic weather, joined interpreted trails and walked many on my own, cruised on an unusual ferry, visited the only binational park in America and met strong beautiful, Canadian women.

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C:\Users\Orit\Pictures\US-Canada trip 2016\Canada - first trip\NewFoundLand - Gros Morne\Berrry's pond\IMG_3725.JPG

Newfoundland – The Enchanted Island

Newfoundland was the pearl of the trip. Fishermen villages, pristine lakes, virgin forests, beautiful bays and coasts, wild seas, extraordinary geology, haunting music, charming towns and the friendliest people. Also, great food.

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Watching the waves from a beachrock at Meat Cove, Cape Breton, NS

Cape Breton – I Walk in Beauty

Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail are sources for endless beauty and interest. From learning to walk in the dark to visiting a Buddhist monastery to pitching my tent on the very edge of Land, to learning about the Acadians, it was wonderful to visit and very hard to leave.

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Prince Edward Island (PEI)

Much more than a summer resort, PEI features extraordinary geology, magical red beaches, seasapes, sea life and a history of a humanity well connected to land, Nature and the good values of life as can be seen in the Green Gables museum in Cavendish.

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Pond with water lilies, Mount Desert Island, ME

Back to the Pond

Heading south I stopped for some home feeling at Morgan’s in Sheidac, then back to the tent at Hadley’s Point, Bar Harbor, had wonderful leisurely time on the “desert” island, to eventually reach the pond and re-meet “my” loons on a kayaking trip in the fog.

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