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From Highlands to Corn Fields – The Trip to Vermont

Experiencing a change in climate, landscape, way of life and mode of travel, I crisscrossed the corn fields of Vermont to end up in the aptly called Lazy LIons Campground in the midst of nowhere, met some great guys there, learned to eat S’mores and found out where custom granite tombstones are made in a place aptly called “Forever”.

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Hanging by the threads - trees in Grand Isle Beach

In My Element – The Isles of Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain Islands, VT. I reconnected with my water element on this set of beautiful islands, replete with history, geology, nature and atmsophere. I settled into Grand Isle State Park Campground, met some great people and trees on the beach, and at night, communed with the spirit of a magical tree.

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Lake Champlain on way to Isle La Motte

Cruising Through Big Time – La Motte

Isle La Motte – Extraordinary beauty and wildlife. The oldest fossilized reef in the world at Goodsell Ridge Preserve. Site is also features: WTT – Walk Through Time: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? Another site of interest: St. Anne’s shrine, a religious historical monument.

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Picking apples at Hackett's Orchard, South Hero, VT

Vermont Apples and Japanese Sushi

As an “authentic” Vermont experience, I picked Macintosh apples at Hacket Farm, South Hero, Highly recommended – fresh, fun and inexpensive. Also: Driving to Burlington to take care of my car insurance claim, then rewarding myself with a great Japanese meal at Hana’s.

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Rock, sky and water in a Fisk Quarry Pond, La Motte

La Motte Revisited – Fossils and Serendipity

Fisk Quarry Preserve, La Motte VT. An extraordinary chain of events led me from a quarry turned nature preserve, featuring the oldest fossilized reef, to the house of the people who fought to ascertain this is protected and safeguarded for future generations. Also an art barn and a pizza dinner in a home atmosphere.

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