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Northeast America sola trip – a 62-year-old Israeli/ American camping journey through nine American and Canadian states, with a focus on Nature, culture and self management. Prologue provides easy navigational tips and a “warning”.

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Preparing for a camping trip - walking in Har Eitan, Jeruslame vicinity

Getting Ready- Preparing for My Camping Trip

Preparing for a camping trip : Practical info (and some philosophical musings) about “things”: technical details – equipment, physical preparation, gadgets (from “electrical spoons” to GPS). Traveling is always very personal, but I hope other people could find useful information for their own journeys as well.

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Chinese tourists on Skyline Trail, Cape Breton

On This and That – Thoughts about Traveling

Some general thoughts about my trip, including how the mode of traveling defines the experience, Israeli vs. American campgrounds, being alone, safety, money, empowerment, politics, the social scene, temperatures, beauty, and why I wrote this journal.

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By the lighthouse, Land's End, Forillon, Gaspe


The epilogue is an attempt to appreciate the physical and psychological long-term effects of my sola camping trip, especially my decision making processes. “On this trip nobody  penetrated the space between me and my agency, so every mistake or misstep were clearly mine and owned, as well as every decision well taken.”

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