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A Point in a Life

A point in a Life

I gather strength from traveling alone

I gather strength from being married and divorced,

married and divorced.

I gather strength from mothering

I gather strength from building homes.

I gather strength from friendships,

from relationships,

 from living by myself.


I gather strength from changing –






I gather strength from dealing with money as needed.


It took a while, but I gathered strength from understanding Mom couldn’t give more than she did

that hurts inflicted by silly teenagers don’t really matter.


I gather strength from my different fields of knowledge.


I gather strength (and angst) from living in the unsolvable quagmire of the Middle East,

the world’s Bubbling Center,

constantly pondering the whys,

how comes,

where tos,

 the angers,

seeking a meaning.


I gather strength from living in the first and third worlds

 abroad and back

from being in Cultures

 from languages acquired.


I gather strength from choosing, erring, moving on,

                                                                                             choosing, erring, moving on…


I enhance my strength by taking the Golden Path,

by not being fanatic,

by being womanly flexible.


I feed my soul by taking roads less travelled.


I get empowered by keeping politically informed

telling fake news from real

protesting on the streets

writing political on Facebook

attempting to tell what’s important,

writing my Blog.


I gather strength from festivals and like-minded crowds,

 from empathy with far-away people,

from acknowledging my fears, worries, anxieties.


I gather strength from 68 years of life.


I build resilience by moving my body and relaxing it

by feeling pain and forgetting about it,

by walking, swimming, exercising,

by trying to heal naturally.


I tie with my deeper self by acknowledging I am expert at nothing yet have lived fully.


I get empowered vicariously through sisters

reporting love, care, courage from distant war zones,



graceful leaders.


I build up my primal force from water,



whole grains,



I build up my primal force from breathing






growing veggies,

growing myself,

growing side by side with my daughters..


I build up primal force from my personal spiritual salad,

from my Sexuality




I built up primal force by giving births




I derive primal power from exiled Goddesses

prehistoric woman-centered societies

native peoples

Earth, galaxies, the micro-worlds

 sun, winds.


I derive my primal force from whatever shape this body-mind has at the moment





co-creating, dancing with the elements.


I derive power from Doing and Doing

I derive power from Not Doing

I derive power from Being…


Orit Adar

Yom Kippur 2022


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