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The beautiful Sabbaday Falls, NH

White Mountains, New Hampshire

Experiencing the awesome White Mountains through the cold and howling nights at the JJCG, the beauty of the Sabbaday Falls, the challenge of the Boulder Loop climb, the Greeley Ponds “horizontal” trail, the winds of Mt. Washington, the desolation of the Bear Notch Road, the caves and falls of Lost River, the vistas of Cathedral Ledge and much more.

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Apples galore. Hacket's Farm, VT

Green, Blue, Red and Yellow – Vermont

Red is for apples, yellow for corn fields, green for biodiversity and blue for the wonderful Lake Champlain. Living history of the Planet viewed and experienced on Isle La Motte, in one of the most relaxed and friendly American states.

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C:\Users\Orit\Pictures\US-Canada trip 2016\New York state - Adirondacs\I swam here - lakes near Kenny.JPG

New York State – Nature in the City’s Backyard

Entering NYS through the “Great National Playground” of the Adirondacks, witnessing the past glory of Lake Placid, climbing (parts of) Mt. Whiteface, moving on to the St. lawrence region, enjoying a amazing jazz festival over the river, walking the Wellesley Island Preserve and taking the 1000 Islands cruise.

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Gannet chick and adult, Des Colonies, Bonaventure Island, Gaspe Peninsula, QC, Canada

Going French – Quebec

Driving the 132 all the way from the NYS border and around Gaspe, the highlights were Parc National du Bic, Parc Forillon, Perce and Bonaventure. Marine life, beaches, forests, geology, charming villages and “ends of the world” were peppered by interesting human interactions.

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Lake Eagle wetland, Acadia

Maine yet Again

Crossing the border back to the States I was still in the same bioregion, the same landscape, now all season colors. Finally making it to Acadia National Park rounded up my visit in Northeast America. To avoid the postcard feeling, I did some walks re-igniting my enthusiasm for the beauty all around me. Back at the Pond I packed up and said good bye to my wonderful trip.

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By the lighthouse, Land's End, Forillon, Gaspe


The epilogue is an attempt to appreciate the physical and psychological long-term effects of my sola camping trip, especially my decision making processes. “On this trip nobody  penetrated the space between me and my agency, so every mistake or misstep were clearly mine and owned, as well as every decision well taken.”

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