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The Real Great Replacement

 “Jews will not replace us” (Charlottesville Nazis)

[Nazis and other Alt-Right groups believe in a conspiracy theory called “The Great Replacement” ]

The Real Great Replacement

The rainforest Catastrophe

Pictures sources:​​​2018/05/new-film-shines-light-on-cattle-industry-link-to-amazon-deforestation/​

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We have replaced

      Wild animals with cats and dogs

      Birds of the skies with pigeons and crows

      Pollinator bees with cockroaches and flies

      Bison with cows

      Marsupials with foxes and rabbits    

           Earth with asphalt

          Forests with pastures

         Meadows with lawns

Seas and shores with plastic garbage

      Oxygen with CO2

Love with pornography

Childhood with cellular addiction

Our souls – with computer chips

Orit Adar

October 2nd, 2019, Jerusalem

Picture sources:


Children’s/smartphones picture:

Free recess:

Nonetheless – Hope Springs Eternal:

An olive tree emerging from the ashes. Wadi Hayovel, Jerusalem

Olive tree re-emerging from the scorched earth after a fire in Wadi Hayovel, Jerusalem, despite months of rainless summer heat

Greta Thunberg delivers remarks at the UN Climate Summit.Greta Thunberg at UN Climate Summit

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