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Great law prevails. A sign in St. Regis Mahawk Reservation, NYS

Sola Going French – Entering Quebec

Crossing borders I instantaneously found myself in a different human milieu. Quebec at that particular border was not especially welcoming, but I quickly made the mental adjustments. Staying a desolate night in an off-season campground in Nicolet was a surreal experience, as I was making efforts to follow the second presidential debate on my electronic devices in pouring rain.

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Huttopia in Parc Du Bic

Cold Baptism at Parc National du Bic

Parc National du Bic, Quebec. Having a utopia in a Huttopia, a specially-designed tent, meeting animals, enjoying the beauty of Chemin du Norde, seeing the archeological site and walking the Chemin Le Contrabandier, but also, when moving back to my own tent – living through the coldest night of my life…

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Low tide plain on way out of Parc National Du Bic, Quebec

Parc National Du Bic – Two More Wonderful Trails

Such a rich and beautiful park. This time Pic Champlain and Les Anses trails.. Birds, seals, fantastic geology. Quiet, beautiful bays. After spending a second night in the cold, I had a shower crisis in the morning, which turned out an opportunity to meet a new friend.

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Tilted geological strata in cliffs by road 132, Gaspe QC

Gasping for Beauty – Gaspe Peninsula

Route 132, Gaspe Peninsula. On way to Forillon villages with churches. Holy Marys, windmills, castles, seabirds and trees in colors. Most spectacular were the famous cliffs appearing mid-drive. I ended the day as sola guest in an out-of-season B&B, enjoying the comforts, hearing interesting life stories from owner .

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C:\Users\Orit\Pictures\US-Canada trip 2016\Quebec - Gaspe peninsula Forillon and Parce\IMG_7473.JPG

Forillon National Park, Another End of the World

Forillon National Park, QC, is well worth it, Carriage roads and desolate forest paths lead from the “Bay of Seals” to “Land’s End”, with whales watching and gannets diving. Also rich wild life, and historical fishing sites. Forillon’s Auberge (hostel) offers socializing oppportunities and excellent services.

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Gannet chick and adult, Des Colonies, Bonaventure Island, Gaspe Peninsula, QC, Canada

Perce , Bonaventure Island, and the Largest Gannet Colony

The huge gannet colony on Bonaventure Island is a peak experience for any naturalist. This is a bird lover paradise. Unfortunately, poor boat arrangements did not enable me to enjoy the experience to my heart delight, Still… except for Galapagos, second to none…Also, the amazing Perce rock, a geological marvel.

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