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Lot #10 at Jigger Johnson Campground, White Mountains, NH

Jigger Johnson’s Campground

The nights at Jigger Johnson Campground, White Mountains, deserve their own post. Past Labor Day, the campgrounds emptied out and I was facing the nights in almost total solitude with the cold, the howls and the silence. The no-electricity campground is run very professionally and in good spirit.

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Sabbaday Falls beauty, White Mountains, NH

Sabbaday Falls

With incredible active geology and beautiful waterfalls, Sabbaday Falls easy trail, New Hampshire, is a great introduction to the wonders of the White Mountains. Hidden pools, multiple cascades, explanatory panels and safety rails.

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Under the boulders. Bouloder Loop Trail, White Mountains.

Going Vertical – Boulder Loop Trail

Boulder Loop Trail, White Mountains, NH. An exhilirating climb led to opening vistas of mountains and forests from rock ledges. Glacial boulders covered in black lichen dotted the way. Using the interpretive trail map, I learned a lot about trees (including the amazing hemlocks), rocks and forest preservation.

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U-valley with storm gathering, White Mountains, Kancamagus Road, NH

Horizontals – Greeley Ponds

Beauty upon beauty in the “horizontal” walk of Greeley Ponds. Enjoying the incredible vistas of gathering storm clouds over forested mountains, and huddling together with a group of scouts in a rain shelter, I started this incredibly rewarding walk in the rain, but soon it was dry enough to enjoy both the macro and the micro worlds that kept emerging around me, as well as some socializing opportunities..

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Posing with the summit sign, Mt. Washington

Fastest Winds in the World – Mt. Washington

I did not really conquer that peak – the Mount Washington Guided Tour van did – but I got a view and a future challenge. It was a tough decision making process. I strolled around the summit, famous for its extreme weather, watched the cogwheel train, took pictures.

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Bear Notch Road

Intending to get to one place and reaching another, I was lucky to find myself on top of the amazing Cathedral Ledge, seeing a magnificent vista. Also a highly interesting social encounter with a female rock climber and a night drive on a desolate road.

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Stunning tree rooting and anchoring techniques, Lost River Gorge and Caves, White Mountains, NH

Lost River

Last sortie into the White Mountains at the magical Lost River Gorge and Caves easy access reserve. Roots make impossible overground journeys to provide trees with grounding and nutrients, water cascades down tunnels to erupt in beautiful waterfalls, boulders conceal caves, crevasses.

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