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The Parks Project

There is so much more to Israel than the Wailing Wall and the Temple Mount!!!

Israeli parks and nature reserves are amazingly varied and rich from magnificent desert views to running streams, hidden pools, rich flora and fauna and archaeology.

Once the authority opened the parks after the corona lockdown, I vowed to see them all.

Family wathing water at Ein Avdat National Park
Family enjoying nature by spring, Ein Avdat National Park
Walking on Apollonia beach

Apollonia National Park and Beach

Apollonia National Park has it all: wondrous flora on the unique kurkar cliffs- yellow primrose, sea lavender, impressive ruins from the last 2600 years, a Crusader fortress and a magnficent beach.

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In preparation: Hamasrek, Beit She’an, HaHula, Ein Gedi, Habonim, Qasr al Yahud, and more.

Crusader fortress. Apollonia National Park
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