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Israel's Best

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The idea behind “Israel’s Best” is to give the reader glimpses of the real country, away from the headline news, religious biases and propaganda. By definition, the subjects are my personal choices and preferences.

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These are the first glimpses into my project – “Israel’s Best”.

All pages above are still in preparation. The “Small is Beautiful” gallery has been on the website for a while, and is always being updated. The Parks Project is in full swing with 10 new posts and one in the works… The Festivals Galore, Green – Israel’s Organic Culture, and Israel’s Healthy Foundations have some articles posted already and some in drafts to be published soon. The Music Project, Great Food Everywhere and the Offwork- Israel’s Lesirue Culture sections are still in the planning stage.

In the section I named “Israel’s Healthy Foundations” I took upon myself to explore several pertinent topics for a better understanding of the country’s overall strengths as well as its vulnerabilities.

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