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Orit Adar's List of Publications

Scientific Publications

Adar, O., Kaplan-Levy, R. N., Schonhölz, M., Ronen B. and Banet G. (2017). Optimal Temperature and Salinity for Growth of Two Cyanobacteria from Hammat Gader Hot Springs. Negev, Dead Sea and Arava Studies, 9(4):128-136.

Adar, Orit, Ruth N. Kaplan-Levy, and Gabi Banet. “High Temperature Chlorellaceae (Chlorophyta) Strains From the Syrian-African Rift Valley: The effect of Salinity and Temperature on Growth, Morphology and Sporulation Mode.” European Journal of Phycology 51.4 (2016): 387-400.

Adar O., Groner E.  and G. Ben Natan (2014). Colonization of a New Habitat – The Case of the Dead Sea Sinkholes – Preliminary Observations. Negev, Dead Sea and Arava Studies.

Rahat and Orit Adar. 1980. Effect of Symbiotic Zooxanthellae and Temperature on Budding and Strobilation in Cassiopeia Andromeda.  Biological Bulletine, 159; 394-401.

Rahat and Orith Adar. 1980. A Non-Essential Role of the Symbiotic Zooxanthellae in the Strobilation of Cassiopeia Andromeda.  Endocytobiology, Vol. 1

Werner, Frankenberg and Orit Adar. 1978. Further Observations on the Distinctive Vocal Repertoire of Ptyodactylus Hasselquistii.  Israel Journal of Zoology. Vol. 27, pp. 176-188.

Published Poems

Negev, The Pursuit of Happiness, – Voices, Israel  (2005).

Harvest – The International Who’s Who in Poetry. Library of Poetry, (2004).

Siren – Voices, Israel, 2003-2004.

At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden – The Colors of Life, The International Library of Poetry, (2003).

Choices – Women and Environments International Magazine, Spring (2003), University of Toronto, Canada.

Jerusalem Alternative, Waterways – The Cellar Script, (May-June 2003), Jerusalem

Quantum Physics, Choices, Voices Israel (2002).

English – Hebrew book translations

The War Between the Tates. Alison Lurie. Heinemann, London, 1974 (Translation: Tcherikover Publications, 1977). 

What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child. Glenn Doman, 1974 (Translation: Tcherikover Publications, 1975). 

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