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I hope you’re keeping some kind of record 

                                                           (Leonard Cohen)

Sola in America's Northeast

A 62-year-old Israeli/American’s trip through the campgrounds of U.S. and Canada’s Northeast

Sola camping at Grand Isle Campground, Vermont

(No, it is not imperative to do the PCT* to get empowered and have a great experience)

How to read this Northeast America diary/travelogue/e-book:

This section of my blog describes my sola camping trip in Northeast America, with the hope it will inspire other travelers interested in charting their own adventures/journeys.

This read can serve as a trip planning aid, a source of inspiration (hopefully), or just something a bit different about “life” without an exercise section attached…

General navigation is to be found in the top menu on all pages under “N. America Sola Journey“. From there you can get to any of the particular posts by state. 

For those interested in the totality of the experience, the Northeast America trip Table of Contents  organizes the story in chronological order. Another method is to follow the previous/next links at the bottom of each post.

The “General section includes both practical and philosophical contributions regarding the trip.

The diary part is divided into Trip I and Trip II. Both trips were based in Maine and loop back there .

Trip I covers  MaineNew Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island (PEI),  Newfoundland and back to Maine.

Trip II reaches into Vermont, Upper New York State and Quebec and ends yet again in Maine (this time finally including Acadia… ).

Alternately, you can click the accordion links on the sidebars (most pages have them, but not all), or the in-text navigation links, to open up the particular stories.

You can also search by specific destinations, by tags (e.g.: restaurants, campgrounds, national parkshikes, trailsswimming , beacheskitchen parties , musicgeology,  trees, birds  and more) or by topics of interest (e.g. equipment items).


Warning: This “book” , like my life in general, is a mishmash of orderly sequential narratives interspersed with poetic moments, technical details, restaurant recommendations, how-to suggestions, philosophical musings, recounts of encounters with humans and animals, observations about the political scene, attempts to put mystical experiences to the pen and a struggling endeavor to rescue receding memories. In other words, it is a good depiction of my take on life and life’s take on me. Even when sitting at my desk, I see my day as part of The Big Journey.

For a comprehensive introduction to my travelogue  click here

  • PCT – Pacific Crest Trail, is an iconic arduous and inspirational walking trail spanning Western Mexico, United States and Canada.

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  1. I’m gonna read! I have thought and thought about doing the same – I’m 65 in less than a week! Good to know – it CAN be done … later in life!

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