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Beach scene, Tel Aviv

Jerusalem’s Alternative

Prior to buying an air ticket and joining the Big Escape, secular Jerusalemites (plus some renegate religious ones…) have a cheaper option –  an alternative… only 60 km away…

Tel Aviv

Modern Buildings, Tel Aviv

Jerusalem's Alternative

Tiger pants and tight leather,

Firm breasts over high heels,

Wafts of air picking up mini skirts,

Touching soft flesh

Coiled into ringed bellybuttons.


Touching the infinite in a mundane manner

Your feet light and easy

Along the promenade –

Relaxed beach scene, Tel Aviv, 2018

Round Slavic faces,

A wisp of intellectual flair

From faraway lands, mixed with:

“So I told Siggi that Tomer said…”,

 And the analysis of today’s markets.

The roadside painter’s eye

Observes it all

Catching the miracle of personal uniqueness

On a 60×50  sheet for 50 shekels.     

Family on Bikes, Tel Aviv

Thank you, beloved metropolis

For being there for me

Only 50 blessed minutes away

In times of need,


To breeze me back to life,

To inject the antidote

Into veins clogged with

Holiness overdose,

Hypocrisy’s overgrowths,

Stones overweight.

Purim street celebration. Tel Aviv, 2016

Shamelessly and fearlessly you expose yourself

To your critics,

Inviting them and everybody

To join the party of optimism

Only you dare to stage

Over the ashes and ruins of the Old Diaspora.

Purim street celebration. Tel Aviv, 2016

Orit Adar, 26.1.2002

All Rights Reserved

Jerusalem’s Alternative, first published in The Cellar Script, (May-June 2003), Jerusalem

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