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Women Of Kobani

Women of Kobani

of Kobani

Northern plants growing in extreme desert after flood. Arava, 2013No, you are not fighting  for your people only,

The Kurdish braves,

But for all of us,

The 51 percent –

The 100 percent.

Your courage is the rainbow barricade

Against  the masked caricatures

Calling themselves “men”.

With your singing and dancing


Repel the Death-Eaters

Exorcise the Dementors,

Re-invent womankind.

On you we all depend,

To keep alive Dignity,



No, it is not for Kurdistan alone you are fighting,

It’s for the sun to keep rising

Without the virgin sacrifices.

                                                    Orit Adar, Eilat, 2014                                                                                

Kurdish female fighters. Pic taken by Asmaa Waguih, Reuters

Pic taken by Asmaa Waguih, Reuters


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