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Separation – Or Why “We” Can Burn The Amazon

Separation – or Why “We” Can Burn the Amazon



Why "We" can the Amazon

Shoes – separate us from Earth,

Clothes – from wind ,

Religion – from our sexuality.


Sunglasses and sunscreen – from the light of day,

Street illumination – from the starry starry nights,

Our glimpse of the Infinite Universe…


Cars – from our legs,

Air conditioning – from the weather,

Highways – from landscapes.


Trucks, ships and supermarkets – from where our food grows,

and those who grow it.


Thousands of kilometers – from the ladies sewing our clothes,

soldering our phone chips.


Offices and classrooms – from fields and meadows.

Stuffed animals – from real ones,

Pets – from wildlife,

Cultured plants – from jungles and savannas.


Fake language and fake news – from our intuition and common sense.


Books – from the tangible world,

Screens – from our depth vision,

Chairs and couches – from our dying bodies,

Media – from our inner selves.


Those busy minds – from the present moment.


Market prices and sales – from the real costs of production:

Earth’s treasures,

Human labor,

The garbage in the waters.


 Bank skyscrapers – from the child slave workers,

Carrying our economy on their backs.


Class mentality and racism – from our brothers and sisters.

Machismo – from our tears.


“Entertainment” – from the agony of the world.


God – from the Goddess,

The abstract god – from the Great Spirit,

The abstract god – from our deep sensuous core,

The abstract god of money – from all of the above.


That’s how “we” can end up killing our Mother.

Over and over again,

and again and again.


Luckily, She will resurrect.

We probably will not.


Written by: Orit Adar,

Jerusalem, August 28th, 2019

The least we can do is listen to those who protect us –


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Clarification on the poem

For clarification, I am not advocating walking barefoot or naked on Fifth Avenue, shunning books or media or phones, but, yes, walking barefoot for a few minutes each day on cool soil can do wonders. Immersing oneself daily (or at least weekly) in a natural surrounding, following the seasons, reconnecting with the Original Mind – all these are small ways to heal oursevles – and ultimately, the Land, this wondrous abused Planet.

What I am trying to demonstrate in this poem in the clearest way I can are the different levels on which we are separated from ourselves, from each other, from Nature outside and inside and from Spirit. I am pointing out the communal backdrop against which alienated homocentric leaders and a multitude of ignorant, disconnected humans can think that burning the Amazon, logging Alaska, poaching elephants or hunting whales are sound ideas, not mega-crimes, not symptoms of a mega-insanity. Unfortunately, humanity keeps choosing paths that actually make us less human, that cut us off from the deeper core of who we are and from our planetary sources of sustenance.

Each one of us can find the ways in which we can connect, re-connect, re-find our natural core, “save” whatever little is left of the natural world and our own natural essence in the little time we still have left. Maybe miracles can still happen.

And, yes, I do believe a change in theology is way overdue and at the root of the disease. See my post on “My personal Spiritual Path” as one woman’s continuous attempt at tackling the issue of spirituality. More posts to come on that topic.

You are also invited to read my post series on “Diet and the Environment”

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