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Who am I?

Who am I?


Or: To Ethiopians I'm Faranji

To Ethiopians – I am Faranji,

To Sephardi – Ashkenazi,

To Japanese – Gaijin,

To Mexicans – Gringa.


To the Palestinians – I am an invader…


To gays – I’m straight,

To straights – complex.


To non-Jews, I’m Jewish

To Anti-Semites – a demon,

To the Orthodox – I’m Lilith

Or  a “captive baby”*.


To the secular Israeli – I’m a bit eccentric,

but basically part and parcel…


To the Muslims – I’m kafir,

To the Christians – salvation material,


For the Hindus – a soul on the wheel of Samsara.


To men, I’m  woman

To the young, I’m old

To the old,  young,

To the left-wing, I am right-wing,

To the right-wing,  I am left-wing.


For  my kids, I’m their mom.


For my husbands – their ex,

To my schoolteachers – maybe a vague memory,

To employers – a possible headache,

To students – their teacher.


To the driver – a passenger,

To the corporate – a consumer,

To the politician – a voter,

To the bureaucrat – a number.


For my friends – their friend.


To a shark – I’m prey,

To a microbe – substratum,

To the planet – a polluter,

To a fly – a landing pad.


For my sister – her little sis.


To the Goddess – a daughter… 


Made of breathing, metabolizing cells,

                                                                     Evolved in ancient seas –

                                                                                           Water, star dust,

And a dash of sunlight


Forever in search of love and connection,


To myself I am a cosmic enigma


A ripple in the sea of



Jerusalem, July 28th, 2019



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