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American Skies

American Skies

American Skies

Before the storm, Kancamagus, White Mountains, NH

I like to be

Stranger in a Strange land


Like to not be

where you are from

where I’m from

Not belong

an Other


Mystery to you

You mystery to me

Difference is key

Other is key


Should I tolerate myself?

Know I deserve love?

Do I?

Who does?

What needs to happen?


I walk your streets and meadows

Breathe your American air


You don’t know me

You never will

I’m not where you’re from

But you don’t need to Know –

How can you penetrate “This” anyway?


It doesn’t really matter

Not important


Under American skies I walk

Hear the larks ruffling their wings

I’m not from here

Neither from there


It doesn’t matter

Always travel

At least in my mind

Can’t hold permanence

It’s not like I haven’t tried


People voyage into my life

I into theirs

Then out


Lonely? Don’t know. Can’t tell.

What’s missing? What’s wrong?

When did it start? Where will it go?


Stranger in a strange land

American skies



March 12th 2017, Jerusalem

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