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The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness pursues me

But she is not my match.

I will always beat her

In this game of catch.


“At the moment, lady,

I won’t take your bait,

I am not yet ready,

You’ll have to wait!


This is more important,

That is really grave,

This I got to do now,

Not what you would crave.


And, my dearest Lady,

Who can rest or play

If the honored Worry

Has the right of way?”


I keep winning

She keeps losing,

But in times of solitude

When I slow a bit the pace,

How I wish she could have tricked me

So that she would win this race.


21.9.2002, By: Orit Adar©

Published in: Voices Israel 2005, Poetry from Israel and abroad

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