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Deity on streetside, Udaipur

Udaipur on Rivers II – Gods on Every Corner

Lasting Artistic Brilliance

Udaipur's Lasting Artistic Brilliance

Walking by foot to Udaipur City Palace through the city’s meandering alleys was a rewarding, rich and colorful experience all by itself. 

It is amply clear that Udaipur art traditions are alive and well even today. 

Here are some of the vignettes:

         Marble artist working on stairs, Udaipur, Rajasthan       Marble jewelry box from Rajasthan

Marble art on Udaipur streets. Jewlery box was a present from my daughter from her visit to Rajasthan

Marble artisanship, in particular, is practiced widely. Using marble from quarries around the city, men sit and hit the material with small hammers, then paint them with black oil. The results are marvellous. My daughter bought me a hand-made marble jewelry box (see pic above) when she visited Rajasthan. Totally delightful.

There are arftul stores and galleries everywhere. Below is the royal sun image in a gallery by the river. The seller approached me by the gate and cajoled me to walk into his gallery. I did not buy anything, but took this picture…

Local art - powerful sun image in gallery by river, Udaipur, Rajasthan Royal sun motive also seen inside the palace in a streetside gallery

Everywhere Architectural Gems

Temples and decorated gates abound as you get close to Udaipur City Palace:

Decorated street gate by the riverDecorated gate, Udaipur

I walked by the Vishnu Jagdish Temple, but did not get in as it was very crowded.  I now understand I missed a great Udaipur experience, but nonetheless it was very impressive even looking at it on the outside.        Jadish (Vishnu, jaganaath) temple, Rajasthan

Jagdish Vishnu Temple

Gods at Every Corner

Every street corner, every niche in a wall are opportunities to install a small deity, put some garlands, stop for a minute and give reverence.  Even the smallest figures demonstrate Udaipur art ingenuity.Deity on temples front. perhaps Bhagwas Shani Dev. near Udaipur City Palace, Rajasthan

     Aspara female deities on temple walls for god Indra. Udaipur

 Figures on outside temple walls – Top: maybe Bhagwan Shani Dev. Bottom: Indra’s Aspara.

Shiva avatar on streetside niche by Udaipur City Palace, RajasthanShiva avatar inside niche on Udaipur street near City Palace 

Porbably Vishnu's feet on sidewalk, near Udaipur City Palace, RajasthanVishnu’s (or temple Swami’s?) feet in the lotus 

Triple god - Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh by river, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Braham, Vishnu, Mahesh – a small figure by river. 

Special thanks to my friend, Sachin Hardas, for attempting to identify the gods and goddesses above. 

[It seems like identifying deities is a challenging task even for native Hindus… ]

At any rate, all these vignettes were but appetisers for the crown jewel – Udaipur’s City Palace…


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